Utah Department of Corrections

Is your family member, friend, or loved one due to release from prison soon? Please review the following information so you can be prepared for their release day. 


  • When picking up the offender we ask that you limit the number of family members to two adults (children are welcome). You will need to have a valid driver’s license for the driver and IDs for all other adults in the vehicle. Individuals on parole or probation are not allowed on property.
  • Only one vehicle per releasing offender will be allowed on facility property.
  • Do not bring your pets. Animals are prohibited from being left in your vehicle. If your pet is a registered service animal you will be asked to provide documentation.
  • Arrive at the prison at 9:00 a.m.
  • Please bring the releasing offender the following clothing items, one (1) shirt and one (1) pair of pants. All other clothing items must remain in your vehicle until the offender is released. (Shoes, belts, hats, gloves etc.)
  • Once you arrive you will need to check into the Visitor Control Center. You will need to provide your ID and inform the UDC staff member which offender you are picking up.
  • When the UDC staff has completed all releasing paperwork, the offender will be escorted to the Visitor Control Center for final release. This process is usually completed by 11:00 a.m.


Q: When and where does a person get released?

A: Releases/Paroles are processed every Tuesday. Most releases are processed and completed at the Utah State Prison in Draper at 14425 Bitterbrush Ln S, Draper, UT 84020. Refer to the Offender Search tab to verify a Parole/Release date or go to bop.utah.gov.

Q: My loved one is paroling to a Community Correctional Center (CCC/Halfway House), what do I need to do?

A: Nothing is required from you. Our Department of Corrections staff will transport the offender to the designated CCC on his/her release day. 

Q: My loved one is housed in a County Jail. How do I know if he or she will be releasing from the Draper Prison or the County Jail?

A: The release team will not have that information until the Monday before the scheduled release day. We ask that you e-mail us at udc-prereleaseoffice@utah.gov to verify this information.

Q: I am unable to pick up my loved one on release day, is transportation provided?

A: A member of our release team will take offenders who do not have rides on release day to the UTA Trax station located at 115 E. Sego Lily Drive in Sandy, Utah.


For all other questions please e-mail udc-prereleaseoffice@utah.gov